Was Your Vehicle Recently Repossessed? Was there a Breach of the Peace?

When the Bank and Repo Man Are Liable:

Breach of the Peace. The Repo Man Cannot Breach the Peace. Wisconsin Law has a very broad view of what constitutes a Breach of the Peace. Did the following happen to You?

    a. The Repo Man came on your property under protest;

    b. You object to the Repo Man taking your car;

    c. The Repo man enters your home;

    d. The Repo Man enters your garage;

    e. The Repo Man threatens you;

    f. The Repo Man gets the Police to help him without a Court Order;

Damages You May Be Entitled To: If you answered "Yes" The Wisconsin Consumer Act may be entitle you to:

    1.   Your vehicle returned to you- Free and Clear and fully paid off;
    2.   The return of all money you paid for your car including your down payment;
    3.   Punitive Damages;
    4.   Your Attorney Fees Paid;

    We have recovered Damages up to $100,000.00 in a single case for our clients. Our firm will review your case for free we represent you at no cost up front and will only collect fees if we win for you

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